Dr. Sean Breen – Preventive Medicine Expert

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Orange County

Dr. Breen is an expert in anti-aging, functional and regenerative medicine.  He specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and operates a private concierge based medical practice in Orange County.   Dr. Breen creates personalized health programs for patients with a focus on preventing future disease and reversing existing disease.   His preventive health program is an annual plan to help patients make life long changes and achieve optimal health. There are 3 phases to Dr. Breen’s program:

Phase 1: Optimize hormones to the 20-30 year old levels indefinitely (testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, pregnenolone, melatonin, cortisol and DHEA)

Phase 2: Customize a unique exercise and nutrition plan based on metabolic testing and your specific body composition

Phase 3: A functional, holistic and preventive approach to your medical care and disease management

Dr. Breen designed this program to “coach” you back to health.  Patients will be given a 12 month plan which tells them the specific steps they should be taken on a daily, weekly, quarterly and annual basis.

Nothing will be left to the imagination

Dr. Breen will teach you:

  1. What hormones you need to optimize
  2. What supplements you should be taking and what supplements are not necessary
  3. When to perform a cleanse or detox
  4. How to determine your exact caloric intake necessary for optimal health.
  5. How to exercise safely and efficiently
  6. What to eat and when you should eat it
  7. What routine blood work you should receive
  8. How to wean off prescription drugs safely
  9. When specialized tests are needed
  10. How to set and achieve health goals

Each patient receives a health binder that contains an explanation of all of their lab results and an explanation of the benefits and instructions for each hormone that they are taking. This program is for patients who are committed to making long lasting changes to their health. It is a high touch, personalized health care plan where you have access to Dr. Breen via regular office visits, email, phone calls and texts.   He is your private preventive medical doctor. Get Started Now

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Women and Sex Drive: Dr. Sean Breen Explains Testosterone for Women

I can not tell you how many women in their late 30’s and older come to me saying “If I never had sex again I would be fine with it. But I know how important it is to my husband so I just deal with it.” They have never been told by a doctor how […]

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Thousands of women have their uterus and ovaries removed every year and immediately get forced into menopause. Their estradiol, progesterone and testosterone levels bottom out and they become very symptomatic. Unfortunately, many of their doctors do not explain the impending feeling of being miserable. They experience no sex drive, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, […]

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No Sex = Frustrated Marriage:  Dr. Sean Breen Explains, Hormone Replacement

In my day to day business I get to speak to many married men and women about their health and happiness. As part of my initial consult I always ask them about the health of their marriage is because an unhappy marriage creates a lot of stress on the body and ultimately leads to suboptimal […]

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Understanding Your Thyroid Labs: Dr. Sean Breen Explains

One of the things I love to do is teach patients about physiology and really get them to understand their blood work.   Thyroid studies are the most intricate and require the most in depth discussion with my patients.   Let me try and explain them here so it makes sense to the average  person. […]

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Do Prescription Drugs Deplete Your Body of Nutrients?  Dr. Sean Breen Explains

Many times doctors prescribe drugs without thinking about the consequences of how they can deplete the body of valuable nutrients.    Ironically, many of the same side effects listed on the package insert of the drug mimic the same signs and symptoms of the nutrient deficiency.    It is amazing how little training doctors receive […]

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Dr. Sean Breen Discusses Importance of Lab Follow Up

Today I took care of a 73 year old man with severe Vitamin D deficiency.   His primary care doctor told him take 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 every day which he did daily since 2011.    Interestingly when I checked all his hormone levels his Vitamin D3 level came back at 11.3 (<30 is […]

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Dr. Sean Breen Joins Suzanne Somers Forever Health Hormone Network

Suzanne Somers is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Sean Breen to the Forever Health network of expert bio-identical hormone doctors.   Dr. Breen has a full time preventive medicine practice in Irvine, CA and specializes in treating men and women with bio-identical hormones.   He has completed the highest level of training in […]

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When Should Men Start Using Testosterone?  Dr. Sean Breen Explains

At what age should men start using testosterone replacement therapy?    The first answer I am about to give you is based on the medical literature and not my opinion.   There was a great study in the Journal of Circulation in 2007 that concluded “men who have testosterone levels in the upper quartile of […]

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Testosterone Replacement and Your Sperm Count: What’s the deal?

Testosterone replacement therapy in theory has a negative effect on sperm counts in reproductive men.    As a result men who still want to have kids have to look for alternative treatments to taking testosterone.    The current regimen for men who want to have kids is to use HCG 500 units daily subcutaneous injection. […]

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Testosterone Injections or Creams: Which one is better?

I am often asked by patients which form of testosterone is best.    “Should I use a cream, gel, pellets or injection?”   The answer is that it depends.  Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.   Let me go through them with so you are better equipped to make that decision with your doctor.  […]

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I can not tell you how many patients will say to me "Thank you for giving me my life back". I am truly blessed to be able to help so many people.
-Dr. Sean Breen
What Patients are Saying
I am eternally grateful for Dr. Breen. Once he optimized my hormone levels it was like I got my life back. At 55 years old, my mood improved, my sex life returned and I had energy to give to my family again. I realized it wasn't a red corvette I needed, it was testosterone and thyroid!