“I went to see Dr. Breen because I (a 33 yr old male) was feeling fatigued, losing muscle mass, gaining fat and irritable all the time…I left Dr. Breen’s office that day with the knowledge of what was REALLY causing my problems and a solution for those problems.”

“Dr. Breen is amazing, very helpful and his staff is awesome. I went into Dr. Breen having weight issues, he explained everything to me went over all my labs and got me on track and set me up with an amazing program… I would recommend Dr. Breen and his staff for any nutrition, health, sports, and weight loss needs he is very thorough and right on point and covers everything ten stars in my book.”

“This is true concierge service. I can’t thank Dr. Breen and his team enough for all they have done for me. My wife was so thrilled will my results she has now gone to see him as well.”

“Dr. Breen has proven himself as a knowledgable resource in helping me to better understand how to maintain my body for optimal performance and well being.  Having worked with several different MD’s, I highly recommend Dr. Breen as one of the most seasoned professionals in this field.”

“I have been seeing Dr. Breen for a year now and this has been the best decision I have ever made for my overall health! After years of misdiagnosis, Dr. Breen has helped me turn my health around from an autoimmune disease. I feel like a different person from a year ago.”  

“When I met Dr. Breen I had very very low energy, I was 270 pounds, very overweight with an enormous amount of body fat, as a 48 year old and ex professional athlete I felt like I was 65. He explained to me what my future looked like, or lack of it especially when he said “Do you want to be around to walk your little 12 year old daughter down the isle on her wedding day some day.

Stopped me in my tracks, immediately got on the program, sugar was a major issue as was energy, he helped me address both with his program, it’s been 6 months, I am now 233 pounds, running 5 days a week and working out 4, making way better choices across all areas, food, alcohol consumption, replaced laziness with working out, when traveling for business I am hitting the local gyms or mapping out a trail or local place to run, rather then sitting at the local bars, energy is through roof and feeling great about myself.

I highly recommend a visit to Dr. Breen if you’re not who you truly believe you want or should be, he will give you the tools and guidance to get you to that place, you can’t put a price on being able to live out a full life, and in my case, be able to now walk my daughter down the isle one day.”