“I went to see Dr. Breen because I (a 33 yr old male) was feeling fatigued, losing muscle mass, gaining fat and irritable all the time…I left Dr. Breen’s office that day with the knowledge of what was REALLY causing my problems and a solution for those problems.”

“Dr. Breen is amazing, very helpful and his staff is awesome. I went into Dr. Breen having weight issues, he explained everything to me went over all my labs and got me on track and set me up with an amazing program… I would recommend Dr. Breen and his staff for any nutrition, health, sports, and weight loss needs he is very thorough and right on point and covers everything ten stars in my book.”

“This is true concierge service. I can’t thank Dr. Breen and his team enough for all they have done for me. My wife was so thrilled will my results she has now gone to see him as well.”

“Dr. Breen has proven himself as a knowledgable resource in helping me to better understand how to maintain my body for optimal performance and well being.  Having worked with several different MD’s, I highly recommend Dr. Breen as one of the most seasoned professionals in this field.”